Braillo Benefits Tabs

The Benefits of Owning a Braillo:

True Production Braille

In order to meet the heavy demands of true braille production, the embosser needs to be made of durable, high quality parts and components. Braillo is the only manufacturer of braille embossers that can deliver on this promise. See The Braillo Difference.

Free Duxbury Software

The world’s most trusted and reliable braille translation software, Duxbury, is included free with the purchase of a Braillo braille printer.  See Details

Continuous Feed Braille Paper

Highest Quality Braille Paper

For over 30 years, Braillo has produced their own custom braille paper that adheres to the highest standards available.  The end result is a strong, durable, low-dust, chemical-free paper that will not only produce a superior braille dot, but will ensure the braille dot holds its shape over many uses.  Additionally, because of its quality, it will also help extend the life of your Braillo embosser.   See our Braille Paper

Braillo Leading 4 Year Warranty

Leading Warranty In the Industry
For all Braillo models, our standard warranty covers every defective mechanical and electrical component from the date of purchase throughout the first three years, or up to 8,000 hours – whichever comes first.  This amounts to up to 15.6 million braille pages.  By the time most embossers have become obsolete or stopped working, Braillo embossers are still under warranty!

We add an additional 1 year for using Braillo/ATC braille paper
Braillo will offer an additional 1 year to the standard warranty by using Braillo/ATC braille paper with your embosser.  The use of poor quality braille paper often causes excessive wear and tear on an embosser, which causes parts to fail prematurely.  Using Braillo/ATC’s specially formulated braille paper will help ensure these risks are minimized.

This brings the total warranty to 4 years, or up to 10,700 hours.  This amounts to up to 20.8 million braille pages.  This is the industry’s most comprehensive and rich warranty, and shows that we stand behind our braille embossers – no matter what. Learn more about our industry leading warranty.

Braillo Support Services

World Class Support

Braillo offers global support via telephone, email, YouTube videos and on-site repair by either Braillo staff, or our network of factory-trained technicians world-wide. Braillo offers training sessions across the world throughout the year, in addition to braille workshops.