You can count on Braillo to deliver on our promises every time.
Order a Braillo 300 S2 today and we will ship right away.

Braillo has produced high quality, reliable production Braille embossers for over 30 years.  In fact, Braillo invented them.  

Our proven engineering and efficient manufacturing process means your reliable Braillo 300 S2 is ready for delivery right away!

Since 1980, our customers have counted on us to deliver:

  • Braillo delivers embossers renowned for producing the highest quality Braille
  • Braillo delivers durability, as many of our embossers are still producing Braille after 30 years
  • Braillo delivers performance with the ability to print at high speeds 24/7
  • Braillo delivers real time technical and maintenance support
  • ALL Braillo embossers come with an industry leading 3 year warranty.

When you choose to purchase a Braillo, we will safely pack and ship your new Braille embosser promptly.

Trust in the company that invented the production Braille embosser and is dedicated to high quality, high volume Braille production.

How Fast Can We Deliver?
Contact us now and see how quickly any one of our Braillo embossers can be on your floor in full production.

True Production Braille Printers

Braillo Braille printers are the preferred choice by nearly all major Braille production centers, because they are specifically built to handle the heavy demands of true Braille production. See what we mean by The Braillo Difference

For all Braillo models, our standard warranty covers every component from the date of delivery throughout the first three years, or up to 8,000 hours – whichever comes first. See complete details of our Industry Leading Warranty

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