Are you interested in selling world-class Braillo production braille embossers? If so, we are interested in learning more about you, your company and your ideas.


A Respected Global Brand
Braillo is an established global brand associated with the highest quality, most durable production braille embossers.  Braillo offers superior braille and reliability – something your customers will appreciate.

Rich History with Numerous Successful Case Studies
Braillo has been serving businesses, governments, educational institutions and more since 1980 – we have an extensive reference list.

The Most Affordable Production Braille Embosser
Braillo offers the 300 S2 braille embosser – the lowest entry price point for a true production braille embosser.

A Complete Line of High Speed Braille Paper Roll Embossers
From the 600 SR2 to the 650 SF2, we offer a complete line of embossers that utilize braille paper rolls, which make book and magazine production easier and faster.

World Class Marketing
Partners gain the support of marketing strategies, as well as print and digital marketing assets – all of which are easily accessible from our partners portal.

When your customers order, WE DELIVER
When you place an order, we ship quickly.  For example, our Braillo 300 S2 is shipping in under 2 weeks, despite the demand.  When we give a shipping date, we meet that date.  Your customers will appreciate that when they order a new Braillo, it can be on their floor and in production in a matter of weeks.

Prompt shipping ensures you get paid faster and close more business, and your customers are producing Braille sooner.

High-Level Support
Braillo braille embossers come with an industry leading 3 year warranty, in addition to extended warranty and maintenance agreement options.  Braillo also offers support via telephone, online live chat, on-site service calls, as well as world-wide braille workshops.  Multiple times each year, we also have specialized training opportunities at the factory in Norway, and at American Thermoform Corporation in California.

For over 40 years, Braillo has supplied the highest quality braille embossers on the market – we look forward to having you join our team.

Braillo Braille Embosser Pricing
Braille Dot Height Compliance

A legible braille dot through its height is so important that a .46 mm height is the minimum requirement for paper embossing in many countries around the world. For these reasons, all Braillo braille printers emboss a braille dot at up to a .5mm height.

True Production Braille Printers

Braillo braille printers are the preferred choice of nearly all major braille production centers, because they are specifically built to handle the heavy demands of true braille production.

Braille Printer Leading Warranty

For all Braillo models, our standard warranty covers any defective mechanical and electrical component from the date of delivery up to 4 years, or up to 10,700 hours – whichever comes first. See complete details on our Industry Leading Warranty

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