Braillo Service & Maintenance

Braillo Service & Maintenance

We recognize that purchasing a production braille embosser is a significant financial commitment.  It is our goal to provide the highest level of customer care, support and technical information to protect that investment.  It is because of our commitment to service that Braillo embossers are still in service after decades of use – not only are they built to last and meant to be used for heavy duty braille production, but we work with customers to ensure that they’re always running properly.

We have many options available in regards to Braillo installation and service:

  • Have your on-site technician repair/service the embosser at your facility – we provide telephone support and can provide instructional videos to assist in performing these repairs and adjustments
  • Send your embosser or parts to Braillo, or your local distributor, for repair/service
  • Send a Braillo technician to your facility
  • Attend our factory training classes in Norway and America, our Braille workshops around the world or visit your local distributor for training – we hold many opportunities throughout the year

We are establishing localized Braillo technicians throughout the world.  Our goal is that with these strategically located, highly skilled independent technicians, we can help minimize the costs and downtime when an embosser needs on-site maintenance.

Additionally, a complete inventory of parts for all machines is maintained by the factory in Norway or your local distributor, and in most instances, can be shipped the same day that they are ordered.

Making sure your Braillo equipment is running properly is extremely important to us and with any selection that you make, you can rest assured that Braillo stands behind all of our embossers, regardless of their age, condition or geographical location.  With our training classes, telephone support, instructional videos, on-site and/or in-house service options, there are choices available to every Braillo customer.

Braillo Braille Printers

Braillo 300 S2

Braillo 300 S2 Braille Printer

Braillo 450 S2

Braillo 600 S2

Braillo 600 S2 Braille Printer

Braillo 600 SR2

Braillo 600SR2 Braille Printer

Braillo 650 SW2

Braillo 650SF2 Braille Printer

Braillo 650 SF2

Braillo 650 SF2 Braille Printer
Braillo 4 year Industry Leading Warranty
Braillo means True Production Braille
Only Braillo Meets Braille Dot Height Standards

Build Quality

Braillo braille embossers are constructed from precision engineered heavy duty, custom made, durable parts - this construction and design enables Braillos to run non-stop.

Quality Braille

Consistent braille dot height and precise alignment allows for a perfectly formed braille dot - making Braillo braille the only standards compliant .5 mm dot height and easiest to read in the industry.

Quality Teamwork

Braillo has dedicated service and administration teams ready to assist you with high quality, field tested and proven braille embossers, parts and supplies - just ask our references.

Quality For You & Your Readers

From transcribing to proofreading, you work hard to get your braille documents right - you can count on Braillo to deliver a quality finished product.  Compare our braille and you'll feel the difference.

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