Tactile Graphics

Tactile Graphics Machines

Tactile graphics are essential for the education and mobility of the blind and visually impaired. While a Braille embosser can be used to generate basic “Braille” graphics, Thermoform and Swell Form machines can be used to effectively supplement and improve upon these graphics.  The durability and detail of a Thermoform machine is unmatched – since 1962 they have been the standard when it comes to producing high-quality, long-lasting tactile diagrams and duplicates. With the introduction of the Swell Form machine in 1991, creating instant, high-quality color tactile graphics became a reality.

The Thermoform and Swell Form machines truly offer a blind or visually impaired individual access to unparalleled tactile graphics.

EZ Form Thermoform Duplicator


To this day, the E-Z Thermoform Machine is the most accurate way to reproduce Braille text and tactile graphics. Safe and easy to use, the EZ-Form makes permanent and inexpensive teaching aids and Braille copies from a single master and Brailon®.


Just like the EZ-Form, the Maxi-Form Brailon® Duplicator is the most accurate way to reproduce Braille text and tactile graphics. The only difference between the EZ-Form and the Maxi-Form is the larger forming area available on the Maxi-Form. By being a bigger machine, it lends itself to maps, signs, graphs, charts and larger scale production.

Maxi-Form Brailon Duplicator
Swell Form Graphics Machine


The Swell Form machine is a simple, fast and low cost method of creating stunning tactile maps, diagrams, text and graphics.  Using the special Swell Touch paper, simply print onto this paper as you normally would through your standard printer or copy machine.  Once the desired image is on the Swell Touch paper, run the paper through the machine, where the heat reacts with the black ink (only the black ink, no colors) and causes it to “swell”, thus creating the tactile image.

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