Braillo Upgrade Kits

Braillo Upgrade Kits

Braillo hardware and mechanics have proven to be long-lasting and reliable – many customers are still using their Braillo braille embossers after 30+ years and tens of millions of pages.  There is simply no other braille embosser manufacturer that can make these statements.  That said, unfortunately software and electronics are ever-changing and gone are the days of parallel/serial ports, push button keypads and the like.

To ensure that Braillo embossers can keep up with these ever-changing times, all Braillo braille embossers can be updated with new electronics to make them current with today’s technology and networking standards.  The hardware will stay the same, as it’s a proven method and Braillo embossers are built to last, however all of the electronic components can be upgraded.

In addition to the updated electronics, the current upgrade packages also offer a 50% speed increase over the older models.  For example, an older Braillo 200 that embossed at 200 CPS, would emboss at 300 CPS once upgraded.

These upgrade kits bring new life into an older Braillo embosser!

Should you have any questions or like a quote, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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