Dedicated To Making Braille Accessible Around The World

Braillo Braille embossers are used in the most important Braille facilities throughout the world, because Braillo is the most trusted name in Braille production

More than 40 million people with visual impairments need Braille to read and write.  Unfortunately, the vast majority have little or no access to books and other reading materials in Braille.  Braillo Norway was founded in 1980, and our mission is to provide high quality Braille and supplies.  As a result, organizations in more than 100 countries use our Braille embossers / Braille printers, Braille paper and supplies to provide superior Braille to readers of all ages.

BRAILLO 300 S2 Now Shipping


BRAILLO 300 S2 Braille Printer
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Braillo 300 S2 Now Shipping

The Braillo Difference
What sets Braillo production Braille printers apart?

Compare how Braillo builds Braille printers in order to meet the rigorous demands of true Braille production.

Dedicated Product Support

Braillo is dedicated to supporting
our customers with technical setup
through continued maintenance.

Worldwide Delivery

Braillo, and our localized distributors,
can deliver your Braille printer to
locations throughout the world.
Braillo Braille Printers Support and Service

Service and Maintenance

Braillo maintains a large parts inventory and offers a wide range of support, maintenance and training options.

Corporate Responsibility

Braillo supports the development of blindness organizations, the implementation of inclusive education, as well as the distribution of education material for the visually impaired.