Braille Printer Accessories


NOK Kr: 118,000

When it comes to bursting/cutting/trimming braille paper, Braillo recommends the Braillo Cut, which is a “braille modified” Muller forms cutter. The Braillo Cut offers users an attractive stand-alone option for cutting continuous braille paper in a flexible and modular design. By removing any signs of perforations from all 4 sides of the page, it provides your customer with a clean finished product.

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Braillo Cut Braille Paper Cutter

Braille Printer Stand


NOK Kr: 16,000

The Braillo S2 Stand is specifically engineered to fit the complete line of S2 embossers. Made of steel and on wheels, it makes the embosser easily movable and/or locks it safely into place when being used. Doors on both sides of the stand offer ample room to store braille paper, tools and spare parts.

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NOK Kr: 20,000

The Braillo Stapler is a robust stapler that works extremely well for braille binding. With up to a 50 sheet (equivalent to a 200 page braille book/magazine) stapling capacity when using 100# / 140 GSM Braille paper, it produces perfect stapling results via the use of professional staples. With a throat depth of up to 11.8” / 300 mm, binding of braille books is easily done with the ergonomically designed foot pedal. This is a great binding solution to be used with the Braillo 650 SW2.

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Braille Paper Stapler

Braillo Braille Printers

Braillo 300 S2

Braillo 300 S2 Braille Printer

Braillo 450 S2

Braillo 600 S2

Braillo 600 S2 Braille Printer

Braillo 600 SR2

Braillo 600SR2 Braille Printer

Braillo 650 SW2

Braillo 650SF2 Braille Printer

Braillo 650 SF2

Braillo 650 SF2 Braille Printer
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Quality Construction

Braillo braille embossers are constructed from heavy duty, custom made, durable parts - construction and design that enables them to be run non-stop.

Quality Braille

Consistent height and precise alignment allows for a perfectly formed braille dot - making Braillo braille the easiest to read.

Quality Teamwork

Braillo has dedicated service and administration teams ready to assist you with high quality, field tested and proven braille embossers, parts and supplies - just ask our references.

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From transcribing to proofreading, you work hard to get your braille documents right - you can count on Braillo to deliver a quality finished product.  Compare our braille and you'll feel the difference.